[FM Discuss] Benjamin Mako Hill: praise for "Introduction to the Command Line"

Andy Oram andyo at oreilly.com
Sat Jul 25 08:33:28 PDT 2009

I met Mako while he was sitting at the FSF book at the Open Source Convention. He's a researcher and highly respected hacker, and one of the authors of The Official Ubuntu Book, among other things. Because FSF was showing off its copy of "Introduction to the Command Line" at the conference, and Mako knew I had done a lot of work on it, he started praising it. I asked him to jot down his endorsement for sharing, so here it is:

  I have written basic introductions to the command line in three
  different technical books on GNU/Linux and read dozens of others.
  FLOSS Manual's "Introduction to the Command Line" is at least as
  clear, complete, and accurate as any I've read or written. But while
  there are countless correct reference works on the subject, FLOSS's
  book speaks to an audience of absolute beginners more effectively,
  and is ultimately more useful, than any other I have seen.


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