[FM Discuss] book shop

Joshua Facemyer jfacemyer at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 09:03:12 PDT 2008

Anne Gentle wrote:
> Hi Adam and all -
> I think an FM book store would be a helpful setup and would benefit
> contributors and Floss. I think it's ideal to have all profits go back
> to the projects being documented with some set aside for Floss also.
I agree.  However, I want to be sure of the continuance of FM, and I 
think even a small bit of "profit" should be made on each book.  (If 
there's an issue of not wanting to "make a profit", it's probably better 
to think of it as maintaining services.)  So even something like a 1% 
profit that benefits especially FM would be desirable for continuance of 
services.  Unless there's something I'm missing and providing FM 
services is already either self-sufficient or free?


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