[FM Discuss] State of the english Flossmanuals

Marvin Scholz epirat07 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 02:54:22 PDT 2015

Hey, I would like to ask what is going on with the english Flossmanuals Website. 
The Website looks really outdated and in some aspects is really hard to understand and use. There are even some Pages that just look completely broken. And I am only talking about the frontend.
A few weeks ago I updated the Icecast manuals as we were getting a complain about it on our mailinglist although we didn't wrote the original version. Anyway I decided to contribute to the project as I thought it is a really great idea and should be supported. But to be honest, the book editing experience is horrible. And that hardly expresses how bad it really is. After already having written quite some stuff, I decided to add a new Image, but when I uploaded it I was redirected to a new blank page, all my editing work lost. Yay...
Anyway I wrote all the stuff again, now using a new tab to do the attachment uploads as they always result in a blank page but succeed anyway.
Another horrible thing is the WYSIWYG Editor which is just horrible to use and super old. 

Now a few weeks after making it through the horrible experience of updating the manual, it's still not live and that is very sad. 
I already used the contact form on the blog post talking about that help is needed but received no answer.
I really think that the Flossmanuals project is a nice thing and would love to help making it better.

If this is not possible I would at least want to ask that the Icecast manual is removed or a huge hint added that it is outdated, to prevent newbie users using it, as it will not work anymore with newer versions on some aspects, which caused some users apparently to think that Icecast must be broken and that we do not care about updating our manuals which is not the case. 

Any information about the current state of the project would be much appreciated, even more some information if help with something is needed.

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