[FM Discuss] Content strategy: the new philosophy of technical documentation

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On 26/06/15 21:00, tmolloygmx wrote:
> http://opensource.com/business/15/6/documentation-content-strategy

Great article, this bit especially jumped out at me.

" Why do my readers need this content?
This question is probably the trickiest of all, because it puts the
purpose of your content under scrutiny with the WIIFM (what's in it for
me) test: Why are you even writing this content? Which pain are you
solving for your readers? Why would they care about what you're writing? "


Interestingly the writer is from Open Stack team. Anne Gentle who is a
friend of FLOSS Manuals is on that team.

They did a booksprint not so long ago. There's some more info from Anne
on that here.

and an article here too.

nice one

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