[FM Discuss] Testing new front page

Mick mick at flossmanuals.net
Thu Nov 17 12:48:53 PST 2016

Thanks Jay and all who are helping, 

I've put this in as an issue

I'll be able to put some time into this in the next 4 days here and
there. I'll be in skype and irc

Let's try to get a version 1 up and running after the weekend?

If anyone has time, please help proritise the process here.



On 17/11/16 07:27, Jay Maechtlen wrote:
> I'm late to the party, but it looks fine here on Win 7/ FireFox
> interesting colors, but looks ok.
> I like the layout.
> oops - on Chrome, I get the old site. But I have Chrome set for https
> always.
> ok, at least you know what the issue is.
> cheers
> Jay

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