[FM Discuss] Sugar users manual

David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Mon Jul 7 19:17:27 PDT 2008

A introduction.

Over the past few week Adam Hyde, Anne Gentle, and I have been
discussing how FLOSS manuals and Sugar Labs can collaborate on creating
the Sugar users manual.

I think we agree that it would be mutually beneficial to work together.

Anne and Adam have proposed conducting a Sugar book-sprint in August.  A
book sprint is very similar to a developer sprint.  Floss manuals has
conducted several productive sprints over the past few months. 

I would be very interested in bringing together the writers from FLOSS
Manuals, OLPC and Sugar Labs to conduct a joint sprint.  Adam proposed
getting together 5-6 core writers.

The two biggest question are:
Who is interested in participating? and
What are the logistics of conducting a sprint?

Adam, do you have a rough estimate on the cost of conducting a sprint?
Walter, Adam do you have ideas where we could get funding for holding a


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