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Greg Dekoenigsberg gdk at redhat.com
Mon Jul 7 20:27:21 PDT 2008

On Mon, 7 Jul 2008, David Farning wrote:

> A introduction.
> Over the past few week Adam Hyde, Anne Gentle, and I have been
> discussing how FLOSS manuals and Sugar Labs can collaborate on creating
> the Sugar users manual.
> I think we agree that it would be mutually beneficial to work together.
> Anne and Adam have proposed conducting a Sugar book-sprint in August.  A
> book sprint is very similar to a developer sprint.  Floss manuals has
> conducted several productive sprints over the past few months. 
> I would be very interested in bringing together the writers from FLOSS
> Manuals, OLPC and Sugar Labs to conduct a joint sprint.  Adam proposed
> getting together 5-6 core writers.
> The two biggest question are:
> Who is interested in participating? and
> What are the logistics of conducting a sprint?
> Adam, do you have a rough estimate on the cost of conducting a sprint?
> Walter, Adam do you have ideas where we could get funding for holding a
> sprint?
> thanks
> dfarning

I would love to participate in this.

Getting a sprint together is actually relatively straightforward, and it 
doesn't have to cost much.

Cost breakdown:

1. Location.  You should be able to get a location for free.  If not, you 
aren't trying.  :)  I can name two dozen institutions that would be happy 
to claim a relationship with OLPC.  Figure out the location that is 
closest to where most of your participants will be, find a friendly 
college with a couple of rooms to spare (and it's summer, so shouldn't be 
tough), pick a date, and set it up.  You need wireless and whiteboards. 
At any college, this should be a gimme.

2. Travel costs.  Depends on whether you want people to travel on their 
own dime, or whether you want to sponsor them.  If you have six writers, 
worst case scenario is likely to be five travellers at around $500 airfare 
apiece, so $2500.  Maybe a little more; maybe substantially less.

3. Lodging.  Depending on the comfort level of the participants, and if 
you can find Friends Of The Cause, couches work.  Worst case scenario: 
cheap hotel, two people per room, six people total, $300/night.

4. Food.  $25 per diem per person, for a total of $150/day.

The most important thing is finding the people.  If you can find the 
people, you should be able to make this event happen for $5000, tops. 
Beforehand, someone should break down the structure of the guide, and 
people should know what they'll be working on.

OLPC/Sugar should definitely be holding more hackfest events, no question. 
This sounds like a good place to start.


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