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We are doing a book sprint now in Paris (see the blog section in

There are 6 people here with more on irc. 

I agree with the cost breakdown except the travel costs are a bit low.
If this was North America only event then that might be realistic but a
USD $500 fare to the US from EU/Africa/Asia Pacific isn't possible (esp
with the low USD against the euro). Also, if the event is in summer you
can expect to pay more for accomodation. So I would raise the bottom
line by about 1500-2000 ie. 6500-7000 USD.


> I would love to participate in this.
> Getting a sprint together is actually relatively straightforward, and it 
> doesn't have to cost much.
> Cost breakdown:
> 1. Location.  You should be able to get a location for free.  If not, you 
> aren't trying.  :)  I can name two dozen institutions that would be happy 
> to claim a relationship with OLPC.  Figure out the location that is 
> closest to where most of your participants will be, find a friendly 
> college with a couple of rooms to spare (and it's summer, so shouldn't be 
> tough), pick a date, and set it up.  You need wireless and whiteboards. 
> At any college, this should be a gimme.
> 2. Travel costs.  Depends on whether you want people to travel on their 
> own dime, or whether you want to sponsor them.  If you have six writers, 
> worst case scenario is likely to be five travellers at around $500 airfare 
> apiece, so $2500.  Maybe a little more; maybe substantially less.
> 3. Lodging.  Depending on the comfort level of the participants, and if 
> you can find Friends Of The Cause, couches work.  Worst case scenario: 
> cheap hotel, two people per room, six people total, $300/night.
> 4. Food.  $25 per diem per person, for a total of $150/day.
> The most important thing is finding the people.  If you can find the 
> people, you should be able to make this event happen for $5000, tops. 
> Beforehand, someone should break down the structure of the guide, and 
> people should know what they'll be working on.
> OLPC/Sugar should definitely be holding more hackfest events, no question. 
> This sounds like a good place to start.
> --g
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