[FM Discuss] The Inkscape Booksprint is finished!!

Joshua and Beth Facemyer jfacemyer at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 09:42:10 PDT 2008

The Inkscape Booksprint is over!!

We've worked hard (especially the last couple of days) to get a usable
manual, and we believe that we've accomplished that.

You can see it online at discuss at lists.flossmanuals.net

Of course, you'll see that the current table of contents has a large number
of incomplete chapters.  Our goal was to get the most basic chapters
finished and usable, so all the Introduction and Tools chapters are fairly
complete and in good form.  Some are actually excellent.  There are other
chapters as well which are finished, such as chapters on text, styling
objects, etc.

You will see that there is some inconsistency in writing and visual style
also.  This booksprint was a great opportunity to work some of these
problems out, so content written earlier and quickly does not strictly
follow guidelines that we established, but these things will be worked out
as we continue adding content.

The exciting thing is that now we have a functional manual repository that
will aid in keeping various languages' manuals in sync and that is really
very simple to use, so that anyone can help to add new content and keep
existing content updated!

The French manual is currently lagging (translations will be following, this
time, in an amazing reversal, from English to French) and current French
content will continue being updated and converted to English as we go.

Again, if anyone is interested in helping, please contact the manual
maintainers on the inkscape-docs at lists.sourceforge.net mailing list to find
out what needs most to be done.  (Some of us will be sort of taking a break
for a while, though, since we're tired from lots of hard work :)

Thanks to all who helped support and will continue to support the manual

Thanks especially go to Adam Hyde and FLOSS Manuals for making the
booksprint a possibility and a reality.  Adam has been a huge help, giving
direction, taking suggestions and implementing new features on-the-fly!
Thanks a ton, Adam!

Joshua Facemyer and the Inkscape Manual Booksprint team
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