[FM Discuss] The Inkscape Booksprint is finished!!

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Fri Jul 11 09:44:23 PDT 2008

small correction

> You can see it online at discuss at lists.flossmanuals.net

online at http://www.flossmanuals.net/inkscape

> Of course, you'll see that the current table of contents has a large
> number of incomplete chapters.  Our goal was to get the most basic
> chapters finished and usable, so all the Introduction and Tools
> chapters are fairly complete and in good form.  Some are actually
> excellent.  There are other chapters as well which are finished, such
> as chapters on text, styling objects, etc.
> You will see that there is some inconsistency in writing and visual
> style also.  This booksprint was a great opportunity to work some of
> these problems out, so content written earlier and quickly does not
> strictly follow guidelines that we established, but these things will
> be worked out as we continue adding content.
> The exciting thing is that now we have a functional manual repository
> that will aid in keeping various languages' manuals in sync and that
> is really very simple to use, so that anyone can help to add new
> content and keep existing content updated!
> The French manual is currently lagging (translations will be
> following, this time, in an amazing reversal, from English to French)
> and current French content will continue being updated and converted
> to English as we go.
> Again, if anyone is interested in helping, please contact the manual
> maintainers on the inkscape-docs at lists.sourceforge.net mailing list to
> find out what needs most to be done.  (Some of us will be sort of
> taking a break for a while, though, since we're tired from lots of
> hard work :)
> Thanks to all who helped support and will continue to support the
> manual effort!!
> Thanks especially go to Adam Hyde and FLOSS Manuals for making the
> booksprint a possibility and a reality.  Adam has been a huge help,
> giving direction, taking suggestions and implementing new features
> on-the-fly!  Thanks a ton, Adam!
> Joshua Facemyer and the Inkscape Manual Booksprint team
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