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adam hyde adam at flossmanuals.net
Sat Jul 12 10:22:53 PDT 2008

hey all,

We completed the FLOSS Manuals / Inkscape Book Sprint. It was a
tremendous success, with the team finishing 30 chapters in English and
many (yet to be counted) chapters in French. In addition we pushed the
FLOSS Manuals interface forward with a few new features including a
status management system, and some new additions to the editor.

The status management feature can be seen in action here:

If you are not logged in you will a status for each chapter in plain
text. If you are logged in and are a Maintainer, you can change the
status via a drop down menu (more on this later). 

We also have some extra tools in the editor for Maintainers.

If that isn't enough, Brianna Laugher also finished a manual on
Wikimedia Commons while at the Book Sprint. Brianna and I will try the
beta FM->print source PDF generator to automagically produce a book from
the manual (more on this beta engine later too).

In amongst it all we also managed to have some fun!

Also, we discussed the establishment of a French FLOSS Manuals and there
is a team formed - consisting of Elisa de Castro Guerra, Cédric Gémy,
and Olivier Gondouin Liu. More on all this in the next days.

Lastly -  some news forthcoming about Sugar and OLPC. Anne Gentle and I
had some good meetings earlier in the week. We will update about this
shortly :)

And...much more to add, its been a great week. Im a bit tired so will
update in the next days. Possibly from Wikimania where Brianna and I
will present the results of the Booksprint and do an Inkscape/Wikimedia
Commons workshop.

Thanks to everyone at the Book Sprint and Google for sponsoring it. It
was great fun and incredibly productive.

tally ho!


Adam Hyde
FLOSS Manuals

+ 31 6 2808 7108
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