[FM Discuss] Sharing data and offline updates

Joshua Gay joshuagay at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 17:47:54 PDT 2008

Congratulations, everyone on the Inkscape manual. I had a couple of thoughts.

## ccLearn and RDFa
I think we should reach out to the people at ccLearn to discuss
progress on RDFa and ways in which FLOSSManuals will be able to
integrate with their search engine and other things. I imagine some of
them must be at WikiMania -- might be worth striking up a

## Reviews/Pointers
I'm working on making a Semantic MediaWiki version of
TextbookRevolution.org. (the development site is here:
<>). It would be good
for us to put reviews of the manuals there, as I'm trying to create a
"review sharing" system, where people can get
descriptions/links/reviews of free books and manuals. It would be
great to start getting authors and educators to link to FLOSSManuals
when they are recommending software to go along with their courses and

## Offline updates and IkiWiki/VCS (version control systems).
Also, another thought, somewhat less related, is that while we are
beginning to think about cross-wiki import/export type things, we
should also consider off-line updates -- perhaps via an IkiWiki
(<http://ikiwiki.info>)  type set-up.


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