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hey Josh,

A few quick questions :

Shall we start entering reviews now on your pointer site or wait for the
dev cycle you mention is over?

A quick search of TWiki plugins reveals this for RCS :

I have no experience with Mercurial, no idea how effective or easy to
use it is. Do you (or does anyone on the list) have any experience with

I will look for the ccLearn people at Wikimania, thanks for the tip!


On Sat, 2008-07-12 at 20:47 -0400, Joshua Gay wrote:
> Congratulations, everyone on the Inkscape manual. I had a couple of thoughts.
> ## ccLearn and RDFa
> I think we should reach out to the people at ccLearn to discuss
> progress on RDFa and ways in which FLOSSManuals will be able to
> integrate with their search engine and other things. I imagine some of
> them must be at WikiMania -- might be worth striking up a
> conversation.
> ## Reviews/Pointers
> I'm working on making a Semantic MediaWiki version of
> TextbookRevolution.org. (the development site is here:
> <>). It would be good
> for us to put reviews of the manuals there, as I'm trying to create a
> "review sharing" system, where people can get
> descriptions/links/reviews of free books and manuals. It would be
> great to start getting authors and educators to link to FLOSSManuals
> when they are recommending software to go along with their courses and
> courseware.
> ## Offline updates and IkiWiki/VCS (version control systems).
> Also, another thought, somewhat less related, is that while we are
> beginning to think about cross-wiki import/export type things, we
> should also consider off-line updates -- perhaps via an IkiWiki
> (<http://ikiwiki.info>)  type set-up.
> -Josh
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