[FM Discuss] Objavi update

adam hyde adam at flossmanuals.net
Thu Jul 31 05:54:05 PDT 2008


It seems our PDF generator is now printing print ready pdf. We optimised
the process a little so it now feeds back 75% slimmer PDF, so a 4MB file
is now 1MB or so which makes it quicker to download. (for the techies :
we now post process the PDF with Ghostscript).

The font embed problem is also fixed.

Aco also set it up so its a little easier to integrate into remix etc at
a later date (remix a manual and make it into a book...)

I will test it by buying one from lulu.com and we will see how it looks.
We also have to build in a few small things such as the ability to
manually set the header, footer, and title. 

However its looking good. I would say its usable now except I want to
check the print output from lulu before giving the thumbs up.


Adam Hyde
FLOSS Manuals

+ 31 6 2808 7108
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