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adam hyde adam at flossmanuals.net
Thu Jul 31 06:06:54 PDT 2008


The conversation about the books kinda stopped, so I am resending my
outline of the book shop idea for comment. Do I assume no comment = a ok
to trial this? Anyone that has an issue with this or would like to
propose another model please do so now.

* we set up a FM book store
* books are always sold at cost with an optional version available at a
mark-up. This 'profit' is then actually a conscious donation by the
purchaser towards the maintenance of the manual
* any profit on a per-manual basis goes towards the maintenance of that
specific manual 
* how any $ is spent is best worked out by either the maintainers and
contributors for that manual or just by the maintainers. Decisions are
by rough consensus. Part of this decision _might_ be to decide to
include a donation to FM.


Adam Hyde
FLOSS Manuals

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