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Anne Gentle annegentle at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 07:15:49 PDT 2008

I'm definitely interested but would love to have it here in Austin so I
don't have to travel (my excuse? Young kiddos.) - and I think writers would
LOVE Austin! :) I've been talking to another open source writer here in
Austin and in Houston (the person who runs the Houston XO User Group is a
technical writer, Robert Nagle). Can I work on accommodations and funding
here? Seth, you're awesome to work on hosting in Massachusetts, also, so
maybe we'll just see which location works out.

So, if I understand the process, it's: Try to find about $7000 to fund it,
find a location, and especially, recruit writers. (In any order.) Looks like
we're already targeting August as the date. I'll keep working on all three
of those things and report back to the list.

In another thread I'll talk about using trac for documentation requests...

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