[FM Discuss] 6PM EDT THURS: Sugar/OLPC Docs Meeting [WAS: Book sprint aug 16-23] [WAS: Sugar users manual]

Holt holt at laptop.org
Wed Jul 9 13:16:06 PDT 2008

The call will be 6PM EASTERN TIME, Thursday July 10:

    866-213-2185 or 609-454-9914
    Access Code: 1671650#

Christoph, Seth, Greg, I (and hopefully Walter!) will discuss our 
vision, and try to nail down what's realistic, for:
    1. Short Term Docs, HTML, XO-Readable and Paper
    2. Long Term Docs, HTML, XO-Readable and Paper
    3. Kumbaya Physical Meetups/Sprints, just in case I don't meet all 
~95 Support Volunteers on this 5000km roadtrip I'm currently on...

Anybody is welcome, if their phone (and thoughts!) aren't noisy.  Unlike 
my muffler :)

PS I'm actually in a gas station with nasty ankle-biters chewing my legs 
as I type-- my muffler constructivism isn't perfect but it's done, so 
off thru Kentucky heading South Without A/C :-)

Kim Quirk wrote:
> Hi Adam,
> Do you want to publish this call-in number? Who is invited (or not 
> invited)?
> Which RedHat location are you near? (And I hope your vacation travels 
> are going well!)
> If you want to keep the meeting small, then I will just send my 
> concerns (below) and you can provide interested parties with an update 
> or minutes from the discussions. I have added Greg Smith, Michael and 
> Jim to this email as my concerns mostly revolve around schedule:
> 1 - I would like something that can be provided in a final build for 
> 8.2: The big reason for this is because of the number of complaints in 
> our category regarding questions on 'Getting Started'; and also 
> because the UI has changed enough that it is a good opportunity to 
> document it. In my mind, this is a high priority feature for 8.2.
> 2 - How do we schedule this work and make sure something is done in 
> time for 8.2? I think that the schedules from both SugarLabs and OLPC 
> need to be well-coordinated. I know Marco is trying to provide some of 
> that feedback into Michael, but I believe there are still some 
> questions, especially as it concerns activity updates. At the highest 
> level, we are trying to get a release out by the end of August. If a 
> better 'Getting Started' is going to be shipped ON the laptop is an 
> activity (Help Activity); then we probably need the final code for 
> that 2 or 3 weeks before our target ship date, which means very early 
> in August.
> Since there are changes to how this activity would work (which I 
> believe Marco is working on, or has already checked in), then we 
> should get a 'fake' content, Help Activity as soon as possible to work 
> out any bugs.
> 3 - If your discussion are more geared towards a pdf or manual that 
> can be printed; then it may have a very different schedule. My 
> question for that is whether we expect to make this manual somehow 
> very easy to find (easier than the current one) -- changes in base 
> code versus a content dowload (.xol). And then, if we want this 
> content to be shipped with 8.2, then it should meet the schedule info 
> from above.
> If you are just meeting to discuss content (which is also a good 
> reason to meet), then recognize that it might be good to create short 
> and longer term goals in order to efficiently use the knowledge of the 
> people providing content for both goals. Or to split the group into 
> short term vs longer term so that we will have something for 8.2.
> Thanks,
> Kim
> On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 2:27 PM, Adam Holt <holt at laptop.org 
> <mailto:holt at laptop.org>> wrote:
>     Christoph Derndrofer, Seth Woodworth, Greg DeKoenigsberg & I are
>     having a call Thursday PM to help decide what's realistic both
>     short term and long term.  And a Friday lunch at/near Red Hat
>     hopefully too :)
>     --A!
>     Kim Quirk wrote:
>>     Seth and others,
>>     Sounds like a great idea, but it might miss 8.2 if you have to
>>     wait until August for the sprint.  We should be trying to get 8.2
>>     out the door... not looking for last minute, new content.
>>     Depending on where we actually are, there might be a lot of
>>     pushback that it missed 8.2.
>>     But I would encourage the sprint... because whenever the manual
>>     is ready it can emailed or printed one-off for people. And it can
>>     be included in 8.2.1 and future 8.2 releases. Also, what is the
>>     plan for making it available and easily accessible in the UI?
>>     We discussed a Help Activity - something we can put in the
>>     interface, easy to find. What is the status of that? What can we
>>     do to make that available as soon as possible? It would be great
>>     if the same team who is going to create this FLOSS manual can
>>     first put one-two weeks of work (in July) into updating Walter's
>>     getting started html pages to match the new UI.
>>     Also, my suggestion for getting the help activity into today's
>>     build with today's GettingStarted (8.1 compatible) pages is twofold:
>>     1 - start testing out the process to get from webpages to Help
>>     Activity and how to make that available for download.
>>     2 - we can point people to that TODAY for 8.1.x builds; and then
>>     update it for 8.2 in the next few weeks (again, sooner than August).
>>     Kim
>>     On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 10:30 AM, Seth Woodworth <seth at laptop.org
>>     <mailto:seth at laptop.org>> wrote:
>>         It sounds like this would be a perfect manual for inclusion
>>         in 8.2.0. <http://8.2.0.>
>>         According to Michael a modified getting-started might be most
>>         best for 8.1.2 in the short term.
>>         Seth
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>>         Date: Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 10:17 PM
>>         Subject: [FM Discuss] Sugar users manual
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>>         Cc: Education <its.an.education.project at tema.lo-res.org
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>>         Klein <meta.sj <http://meta.sj>@gmail.com <http://gmail.com>>
>>         A introduction.
>>         Over the past few week Adam Hyde, Anne Gentle, and I have been
>>         discussing how FLOSS manuals and Sugar Labs can collaborate
>>         on creating
>>         the Sugar users manual.
>>         I think we agree that it would be mutually beneficial to work
>>         together.
>>         Anne and Adam have proposed conducting a Sugar book-sprint in
>>         August.  A
>>         book sprint is very similar to a developer sprint.  Floss
>>         manuals has
>>         conducted several productive sprints over the past few months.
>>         I would be very interested in bringing together the writers
>>         from FLOSS
>>         Manuals, OLPC and Sugar Labs to conduct a joint sprint.
>>          Adam proposed
>>         getting together 5-6 core writers.
>>         The two biggest question are:
>>         Who is interested in participating? and
>>         What are the logistics of conducting a sprint?
>>         Adam, do you have a rough estimate on the cost of conducting
>>         a sprint?
>>         Walter, Adam do you have ideas where we could get funding for
>>         holding a
>>         sprint?
>>         thanks
>>         dfarning
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