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adam hyde adam at flossmanuals.net
Fri Jul 25 06:53:50 PDT 2008


there are two names you need to be worried about:
1. the file name
2. the human readable chapter name

the *file name* is the name you see in the location bar of the browser:

the *chapter name* is the name you see in the index of the manual.

We need a file name, without it there are files, no manual...indeed...no
internet ;)  we need chapter names because it is easy to know what a
chapter is about if it is called "Elements De Tradaction" instead of
"ElementsDeTraduction"...or, with another example, "How to Install on
Ubuntu" is easier to understand than "InstallingUbuntu" etc


To change the *filename* of LementsDeTraduction you must use the
"Move/Delete" link on the left (only Maintainers and Admin can see this)

To change the *chapter name* you click on the name in arrange as you did
EXCEPT if a chapter has not been placed in the index (the column on the
right in exchange) you cannot give it a chapter name.... move it to the
place in the index on the right (in arrange) and you can then change it.


On Fri, 2008-07-25 at 14:52 +0200, Elisa wrote:
> Hello,
> I got a lttle pb. Maybe i do wrong ?
> I try to change the name of a chapter in Inkscape manual fr.
> Here : http://fr.flossmanuals.net/bin/arrange/Inkscape_fr
> It was the chapter « LementDeTraduction »
> We want « ElementDeTraduction »
> I change the name, i press enter and the Save button.
> And after nothing. I reload a loat the 
> http://fr.flossmanuals.net/bin/arrange/Inkscape_fr
> and the
> http://fr.flossmanuals.net/bin/view/Inkscape_fr/WebHome
> No change apply.
> If i return on the 
> http://fr.flossmanuals.net/bin/arrange/Inkscape_fr
> My change was no apply too.
> How i miss ?
> Thanks.

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