[FM Discuss] Now working for Mozilla

Janet Swisher jmswisher at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 22:15:51 PDT 2010

Hi FLOSS Manuals friends,

I'm home now from most of a week in Mountain View, California, getting
oriented to my new job working on developer documentation for Mozilla.
See my blog for more details: http://www.janetswisher.com/?itemid=244

I hadn't been looking for a new job, but I was contacted by someone at
Mozilla about a position they had open. I don't know whether that
contact was a direct result of my participation in the FLOSS Manuals
booksprint for Mozilla last year at DocTrain West --- they might have
simply found me by searching LinkedIn --- but I'm quite confident that
my involvement in FLOSS Manuals and open source in general was a big
factor in their choice to make me an offer. So, I think it's fair to
say that being involved in FLOSS Manuals helped me get a job at
Mozilla. I'm really excited about being able to work full time on open
source and open standards.

I want to thank everybody involved in making this project a vibrant
and respected community for open source documentation, and especially
Adam Hyde for creating and fostering it, and Anne Gentle for
organizing the first booksprint I participated in, and for being my
FLOSS Manuals buddy. I hope that this project can continue to
expanding our community, partnerships, and offerings, to help more
people use open source software, as well as to create more
opportunities like the one that I've been so fortunate to receive.

Janet Swisher

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