[FM Discuss] Warscape Sonata: Rastasoftware + Free Press to survive Mexico's War on drugs

v0x vlax at dyne.org
Mon Feb 13 22:09:23 PST 2012

(( please ignore me if you think there's no place for autopromotion here, but
i feel this personal project it's connected in a way with FlossManuals ))

I want to share with all of you this art project that it's based in my
experiencies using and documenting free software along side the Dyne.org
Foundation. [0]

My project is named "Warscape Sonata" [1] and is radio art that takes viral
information (RSS and video) to create sonic experiences focusing the
media aspect of the war on drugs that Mexico is suffering right now. In my
creation process i'm using GNU/Linux & Dynebolic, and the final piece includes
a flossmanuals book in spanish about the use of the software.

Please take a moment to read/watch/listen this art project. I'd be really
interested in your personal or comunitarian feedback. And If somebody find
it interesting, please share amongst your contacts and help me with a beer for
my crowfunding campaign! [2]


[0] http://dyne.org
[1] http://sonata.warscape.info/eng
[2] http://sonata.warscape.info/donate

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