[FM Discuss] viva la booki revolution

adam adam at flossmanuals.net
Tue Feb 14 06:10:53 PST 2012


as you know FM has been involved in building a Open Source collaborative 
book production platform for the last 2 years. We recently formed an 
alliance with Sourcefabric (Berlin based Open Source company) to develop 
it further.

So today is the day Booki has been renamed and had a lot of work on it. 
Its now called Booktype and the demo is now here:

The site is here:

Its pretty much the same thing but stronger, faster, better, more

We will upgrade fm and booki.cc with the new sources soon. In the 
meantime there is a new manual on FM for Booktype although it needs some 
love. if anyone would like to jump in please do! The manual needs to be 
improved a lot and all help welcome



Adam Hyde
Founder, FLOSS Manuals
Project Manager, Booki
Book Sprint Facilitator
mobile :+ 49 177 4935122
identi.ca : @eset
booki.flossmanuals.net : @adam


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