[FM Discuss] a crazy moment pondering a manifesto

adam adam at flossmanuals.net
Tue Jun 26 11:32:00 PDT 2012

ok..so i have too much time in my hands...i was pondering the things we 
do in FLOSS Manuals in abstract and thought we could almost come up kind 
of short (shudder) manifesto for the kinds of methods we use for book 
production. I was trying to capture something that could encompass all 
the activities from Book Sprints to rolling manual development to remote 
update sprints etc etc etc

so...here it is:

Iterative Book Development (IDB) Manifesto:
We value:
0. Collaborative content production over single authorship
1. Collaboration and facilitation over ‘editors’ and ‘authors’
2. Engaged discourse over isolation
3. Completed chunks over incomplete volumes
4. Here and now production over sometime soon production

... i generally laugh at anyone who thinks they have the moral authority 
to create a manifesto so please feel free to laugh at me. I do however 
think that this captures something that we have developed in FM...thoughts?



Adam Hyde
Founder, FLOSS Manuals
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Book Sprint Facilitator
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