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On 11/06/15 10:25, Anna F J Morris wrote:
> Hi
> Is it worth having a sprint or something to get this all done?
> I really (really) don't understand the scope or the problem but I get
> the impression from others that basically you can't publish from
> flossmanuals now without odd workarrounds. This seems like a big problem.
> I would be happy to facilitate in a non technical way, for example I
> could provide food if you had a sprint, and do the cooking etc, as a
> donation to the project.

Hi there Anna,

That's a kind offer. As you are on the admin list you'll know I've got
some ideas around this. 

There are a couple of areas that do need some community input coming up
soon which would be suitable for a sprint but I think we are very near
getting a plan in place to be able to get a good frame work in place for
community involvement.

The more fundamental structure elements are I think beyond what is a
good idea to have in just volunteers hands, as there would be a danger
of burn out there. 

I'm moving to Todmorden - just over the hill from you - and there's a
great community pub there. Rather than doing the hosting, it would be
better to use your web-dev skills for a weekend hack on a new front end
for publisher.

What about we set a date for September for this when people are back
from their holidays.

nice one

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