[FM Discuss] State of the english Flossmanuals

Anna F J Morris anna at phplist.com
Thu Jun 18 03:14:26 PDT 2015

On 17/06/15 19:57, Marvin Scholz wrote:
> I think people that
> have enough understanding to write those, know how to use Markdown or,
> if they prefer, HTML. 

hi, not really the case in our example. I mean, phpList is email
newsletter/marketing software, that it's Open Source is why *I* work on
it, but many (most?) of our users don't know/care. Some of those have
skills because they have hosted it themselves, however, many click one
button on their go-daddy cpanel and then wham, they are using phpList.
They really have no skills at all - hence the need for a basic manual.

Now, some of those people will never write for us, however some have,
and their perspective is really helpful when wiring. Many more have
helped with proof reading and testing etc. The very basic tools are
really good for getting new people involved in Open Source projects :)

I suspect this is similar for many web-based applications, like
WordPress etc. People use them becuase of the convenience which stems
from Open Source, such as being able to self host for little cost and
learn the skills over time.

Also, for the record, I don't know how to use markdown and my html is
very very basic.. I essentially am one of those people as described
above, I am just 5 years further along my journey and 110% enthusiastic
about the Free Software philosophy :)


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