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On 18/06/15 11:35, Anna F J Morris wrote:
>   * It's results in something quite linear
>   * The beginning should be super simple - an overview of basic
>     functionality, orientation style.
>   * The main chapters should be structured by day to day USE of
>     software and the building of skills, using real life examples often.
>   * We can assume that installation was done by someone else, esp if a
>     web-app, and put that at the end with advanced chapters.
>   * Not a single step should be skipped - every click needed should be
>     noted
>   * The language should be relaxed, clear to second-language English
>     speakers (avoid metaphores) 

That's a really nice summary.

In terms of not a single step skipped. I would agree with this mostly
for the software manuals, but I also think that there is a good case for
more general / overview guides about why to approach problems in a
certain way.

Examples would be tech tools for activism & open video workbook


The linear / self-contained book structure, with published versions,
also really lends itself to being translated. After all it's a bigger
ask to translate a wiki.

nice one

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