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Mick FM mick at flossmanuals.net
Mon Jun 29 14:27:08 PDT 2015

On 29/06/15 21:34, Bruno Ruviaro wrote:
> Hi Mick,
> The current version of the Ardour tutorial is a collection of markdown
> files on GitHub
> (https://github.com/brunoruviaro/ardour3-floss-tutorial/), with
> associated images saved in a separate folder. Is there a way to import
> this back into booktype? I'd like to give it a try.

A quick google shows that markdown files can be converted to epub files
using pandoc tool. I can remember doing that.
But I'm not sure how pandoc would handle a series of files or know what
order they are in.

Can anyone on this list help? If not it may be one for the 80cc mailing

I think I saw you were using jekyll to generate pages.
If so, these links may also help. https://github.com/glejeune/jekyll-epub

> There was a major release of Ardour just this month (from 3.5 to 4.0),
> so at some point this Summer we'll update the tutorial to Ardour 4.0.
> This would be a good time to test and see if it makes sense to move
> the Ardour tutorial from its current GitHub location.
> Side question: can booktype export content as markdown files, if needed?
I think that may be easier by exporting an epub from Booktype and
feeding it to pandoc to create mark up.

If you manage to create an epub let me know and we can test the next

nice one

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