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Mick mick at flossmanuals.net
Tue Sep 13 04:46:21 PDT 2016

Hi Mark and Josh,

Thanks for getting involved. This is a good time as we are coming out of
administrative and technical hibernation! More on that later but first a
quick tech update. 

We migrated backend content of books to write.flossmanuals.net which is
running a Booktype 1.6 code, which I think is here.

The front end - a publisher which fetches the pages from the repo  and
creates a web table of contexts and snapshot versions of epub, pdf - is
an outdated php version of bookipublisher which is unmaintained and has
needed replacing for some time. So this site is now static. So there's
greater urgency.

There is a django project underway to replace it here.
Let me know if you want access Josh and I'll get that to you.

Unfortunately this project was more complex that we had anticipated, and
me and Jo have both started new families. Which is great for us but has
meant that we are stalled for this FM. Nicolas from French FM is also
working on it.

I've recently proposed on the FM admin list to create a static html
front end which lists all active manuals and looks nice. And we link to
pages like this one for csound, which is the live version on the write

I think is a good first start as a way of overcoming the stalled
publishing workflow. If you are interested in helping the process, let
me know and I'll add you to our admin email list (in the cc)

nice one

On 10/09/16 09:46, mark wrote:
> Hi all,
> A friend of mine called Josh has offered to help with technical work
> on flossmanuals.net. He's a webdev, knows the pandoc code, python and
> some django.
> He was asking whether the source is on github and how we track issues.
> I couldn't find answers on flossmanuals.org or booktype.pro, can
> anyone help, and/or offer some pointers to a new volunteer? I must
> admin that since the last platform migration I've not fully understood
> where we're up to.
> I've copied him into this email, please include him in any replies.
> Cheers folks,
> Mark
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