[FM Discuss] Update on FM write migration and request to help test manuals

mick at flossmanuals.net mick at flossmanuals.net
Wed Jan 2 08:41:17 PST 2019

Hi there,

I've been doing some migration today of some manuals and I've put the
new links in here.


I've also recorded a short video to celebrate and say HNY! (don't get
too excited), and ask for help.

As I say please email me if you are up for testing the migration.

In terms of how to help any of the following are useful

* check contents and images have transferred ok
* make a very minor edit and see if it "takes"
* export a epub and check it
* export a screen pdf and check it
* log any errors here - https://gitlab.com/jazzynico/fmfr-server/issues/

If you are up for it I'll make sure you get the relevant permissions on
the sites


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