[FM Discuss] Update on FM write migration and request to help test manuals

Mick Chesterman M.Chesterman at mmu.ac.uk
Mon Jan 28 00:23:12 PST 2019

Hi there Helen,

It worked. Your updates are live. So that’s why there’s a new system in place for editing, you have to send out an invite code to people you want to edit.

If you want to do major changes, then we’ll create a new version and swap them over when you are done.

You can go here to try it out publishing to check you changes have taken.


i tried to make some corrections in the UpStage manual, but i was not able to save the page. do i need to save before publishing? & what formats? is there a tutorial for this somewhere? apologies if you have sent it through - i haven't been able to keep up with emails while travelling these last 3 months.

h : )

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