[FM Discuss] books and fm - need your thoughts!

Joshua Facemyer jfacemyer at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 15:16:01 PDT 2008

adam hyde wrote:
>> The second question I have is whether we couldn't do something of a 
>> combination, such as 1&3.
> We can mix it up anyway we want. What do you like about those options?
> adam
Well, I think #3 is a given, seeing as it's GPL - unless of course 
you're referring to the ready-for-print data, in which case it might be 
a better idea to do something like sell larger quantities at wholesale 
prices, then they can be resold for profit.

However, I think that, no matter what, the bottom line is that FM makes 
a profit from every book sold for profit.  Cuz Adam needs to feed 
himself too, otherwise we don't have FM.

So, I think the best idea is an FM book shop which offers book sales for 
a profit, profits are apportioned to both FM and the maintainers/their 
projects (however that will be decided), and wholesale book prices are 
offered in quantity which still allow for some profit for FM and the 
book teams.  Seems fairly simple and easy enough to manage.

Also, as regards ISBNs, etc, I think you should just ignore them.  It's 
really too much hassle.  However, it might be a good idea to code books 
with an FM code to maintain order.  This way, if a book shop wants to 
sell FM books, they can do so, but if they simply cannot live without an 
ISBN on each book they sell, oh well.  (Besides, don't shops all offer 
other items apart from books, which also don't have ISBNs?  They'll 
figure it out if they really want to.  And if they really want to, then 
it's likely that they're a smaller book shop which can actually handle 
that sort of thing :)

Hope that's clear.


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