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Hi there,

I wasn't sure if to put this project out wider or not. But it would be
interesting to get collaborators on it, and if not now then maybe at a
review / testing stage.

Here's a link to the work in progress -

Here's a bit of info

    Learn JavaScript with Phaser

Learning to code can be tricky, sometimes like a puzzle to solve. At
times you get stuck. It helps to have a project you really want to get
working. It can help you to keep you going to overcome your problems.
That's why Javascript helps as it's the language of the web. It means
that we can share our coding creations as part of web pages easily.

But learning Javascript can be tricky too. There are lot so different
ways to do the same thing! And to make most web pages move around and be
animated you need to also learn about HTML and CSS. For this reason a
lot of beginner coders stick to python or similar languages. But there
is another way.
Making Games for the Web using Phaser

Phaser is a Javascript library which supports the creation of web games.
Real game developers made it and other game developers use it. They get
paid for their games. It's a for real project. This is serious fun.

Retro games have come back into fashion. Parents play them with children
and they are fun and easy to play on home computer, consoles and
especially on your phone.  They are a great way to start learning how to
make digital games.

This book will help you create a game in a step by step way adding
different game features along the way. It is inspired by and guided by
some great free tutorials that are out there on various websites.
Particularly the work of Richard Davey at Phaser, and Belen A at
Mozilla. A full list is included at the appendix.

Phaser is also a good starting point for learning not only how to make
games but also about the fundamentals of Javascript language and coding

In addition to coding and game making, there are other skills that you
may pick up through making games, especially if you do it with other
people. These are explored more in the next chapter but include problem
solving, communication and collaboratation skills, computational,
systems and design thinking approaches.
What this Book is and isn't

It is:

    a great way to get started making a simple 2D arcade style game
    a fun way to find out about the basics of the coding process
    an introduction to Javascript and some of the ways it does things
    a partner guide to support more hands-on collaborative workshops

But this book has clear limits. It's a short book that you can progress
through quickly. Here are some of the things that we don't cover;

    more advanced 3D approaches to game making or any role playing elements
    a systematic way to learn a programming language (we pick up
concepts when we need them)
    a complete guide to the most advanced approaches to writing game
using the Phaser code library

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